Drawing Commissions

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I want to take personalization to the next level by creating exclusive hand-drawn portraits just for you, and delivered them right to your home.

Paper Size Prices
8″x10″ $200
9″x12″ $300
11″ x 14″ $400
16″x20″ to 18″x24″ Prices begin at $500

All the fees listed above are One-Subject Portraits for each additional subject please add an additional $50.

All portraits include a 3/4 pose add an additional 25% for a full pose.

I must receive 1/2 the payment in order to begin a portrait.

The paper used is an acid free, professional-grade smooth Bristol (80 pound weight).


First, you must check out my portfolio to see what type of portrait you want.  If this is a portrait of your child/children I would suggest that you order individual portraits so that they can eventually be passed down to them.  Then you need leave me a message to let me know what type of portrait you would like with a valid email address to correspond with you.

Once you have made your selection of the photograph/s you want me to draw then you may send them via e-mail.    Make sure your picture is very clear and crisp.  The better the photograph the better the portrait will be.

Pay Pal is a safe and convent way to make your payment and you will also receive an invoice.  Just to give you an idea on how detail oriented I am on just a small portrait it will take me about 8-10 hours as for the larger portraits let’s say an 11″ x 14″ it could take  me 15-20 hours to draw.  I must rest assured that I will have full payment upon completion.

I will  need half the payment up front.


I will scan or take a digital photograph of the portrait and send it to you by email for preview and acceptance.   Once I receive your approval I will then send your portrait to you through the USPS Priority Mail.



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