Artist Statement
Portrait drawing is a particular passion for me. As a young girl, I loved to draw and early on was attracted to drawing the human form. I credit my mom, an artist herself, with encouraging my talent. I have an eye for detail, a sense of placement, and a determination to capture a true likeness which I think makes me particularly suited to portrait drawing. Art fulfills a part of me that no other endeavor can satisfy, enriching and broadening both my professional and personal life.  However, teaching has awakened my desire to expand my skills in different media, and I plan to share with you what I learn.

Artist Bio

My family and I live in South Carolina. I received my bachelors of art in painting and drawing from Augusta University.  I later received my teaching certificate from Coastal Carolina.  I taught in South Carolina’s public schools for thirteen years.  I have also taught at Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, and at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta Georgia. I have been married to the love of my life for seventeen years. When I met my husband he performed his music professionally, and that’s how I fell in love with him.  My husband and I share a passion for hunting, fishing and golfing.  A busy mother of three I have two girls (12, 8) and a four-year-old boy.  Our children share our passion for the outdoors, and sports of all kinds.  They also love to sing and create.  I resigned from my teaching position to stay home with my children and focus more on my art.  My hobbies consist of sewing, woodworking, crafting and gardening.


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