STRADA Easel 31 Day Challenge

Strada easel


Strada easel

I participated in the STRADA Easel Challenge for the month of January to help me get back into the daily habit of creating. It’s been a long time since I have created on a daily basis for 31 days straight if ever! Some days my drawings were not as great as others, but to produce a drawing a day is insane for me! Even when I taught I didn’t have time to create daily.


Look how beautiful my girls are! If you want to see all my drawings from the STRADA Easel Challege follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I have been wanting to draw my girls for quite some time, but always had an excuse for not getting it done.  I completed 27 drawings from the STRADA Easel Challenge. Although I would like to go back and rework a few drawings, I am very pleased with my portfolio.  My goal is to complete a few more to reach a personal challenge that I have been avoiding for years.


Capturing moments you can’t recreate are priceless. My goal in every portrait I create is to capture the essence of that person. I appreciate all the wonderful comments for the past 31 days and all the likes. My followers kept me going even on days I did’t feel like creating. Most of my drawings were drawn in car line or late at night when my kids had gone to bed.

Strada easel

My children love to see themselves when I have completed my portraits.  Just keep in mind these drawings were completed in a day not working on them for weeks or days at a time.  When I agree to a commissioned drawing it will take me month or longer.  This was just a challenge to get me to produce more artwork and to speed up my drawings.  I can be very slow when I draw.



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