A Portrait For Christmas


portrait copy


This is the first year since having children that I have had the chance to draw portraits again. My husband has been trying to encourage me to put myself out there again, and stirred up a lot of interest on Facebook showing some of the portraits I have drawn. Immediately someone asked me to draw a portrait for her niece’s wedding gift. When she realized it was going to cost a bit more than she expected she decided it would be a Christmas/birthday/wedding present.  Most people do not realize the time that goes into creating a portrait and that’s what is reflected in the cost. 

portrait1 copy

Drawing has always been a passion of mine and I take my portraits very seriously. I usually only have one person in the portraits I draw. Mostly because I think of my portraits as treasures.   For instance lets say you have three children when you pass away those three children will fight for the portrait I drew, but if you have a portrait drawn of each of your children then they each get their portrait when you pass on.  However, if you chose to have multiple people in your portrait that can be done as well, but the more people you have in a portrait the more complicated the portrait becomes.


This is the most unique gift you can give a loved one. I seriously doubt that another wedding guest would be giving you a hand drawn not a computer generated portrait.  Just like everyone else I think the computer generated gifts are wonderful, but when you have a computer generated and an actual portrait in your hands comparing the two then their is no question which is better.  You will never have to worry about someone else duplicating your gift idea no mater what the occasion. 



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