Refurbished China Cabinet

Refurbished China Cabinet

Refurbished China Cabinet

 I love to salvage old things especially furniture. Over the years I have seen many antique pieces tossed out by their owners for the new and latest designs. I would rather give an old piece of furniture a makeover instead of going out and spend thousands of dollars on new pieces. My latest upcycle was an old China Cabinet. I can honestly say this was a piece that I didn’t see any potential in. The more I worked on it the more I found wrong with it. I felt like I was wasting my time, but I enjoyed the hard work. I ended up striping all the veneer off the shelves and front of the cabinet. If you have never refurbished an antique it’s much easier than striping off ancient, glued veneer. I had almost given up on the veneer when I decided to use a friend’s playner. It was striped in a matter of minutes and I have been striping it by hand for a month.

Refurbished China Cabinet

Once I had it ready to stain or paint I couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I knew I wanted to do both, but had never tried the process I was about to try. I love French Country, but wasn’t sure what type of paint or stain to use to get the right effect. Most of the do it yourself projects I had read about said they used chalk or milk paint. I really wanted to try milk paint, but wasn’t willing to pay the price for an experimental piece.

Refurbished China Cabinet


So I decided to try chalk paint, but again I didn’t want to pay the price for it. Instead I created my own chalk paint using some of the leftover paint used to paint our walls and added sandless grout. Don’t worry I experimented on an old cabinet door first to see if I could get the consistency correct. Once I was satisfied with my paint I began painting. I had picked up two stains to try and tested them on a 4′ x 4′ square.

Refurbished China Cabinet
As you can tell the two colors really complimented each other.  Now I want to do the same to my dinning room table.  I am still in awe of how it turned out and I am able to display all of my grandmothers fine China that had been stored in boxes until now.



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