Mother’s Day Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Giveaway


For the past couple of years I have dealt with a myriad of health problems. After seeing numerous doctors I ended up with more diagnoses than I cared to deal with. Although all the prescriptions didn’t completely heal or cure me they did help tremendously. To help control my remaining pre-diagnoses I decided to try Essential Oils to help with my remaining symptoms. A dear friend of mine has been trying to help cure me with doTerra Essential Oils, and I was reluctant to try until I finally said send me something for all my hormonal issues I’ve been having. She sent me Clary Calm a hormonal blend to help balance my hormones. All of my health problems that have been diagnosed deal with the endocrine system. Basically all my health problems are related to my hormones. That’s just what any woman wants to hear.


After my friend got me started with Essential Oils I thought this would be great for my children’s health issues and began working on different ideas for Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces. Although I have several designs I have been working with I decided the one I would share is my One-Bead, Three-Bead Diffuser Necklaces and matching earrings. My beads are made from clay. Keep in mind this is just my first round of designs for my new line of jewelry.


You may ask how does a Diffuser Necklace work? By putting one-two drops of oil onto the bead and by inhaling the oil’s aroma can help regulate specific health issues. For instance by inhaling Orange Essential Oil helps to restore my endocrine and immune systems to their normal states and reduces depression. Either you can wait for the oil to wear off or you can place another blend over the first oil to focus on different health issues. Most oils can be helpful for a myriad of issues. Since I am so excited about my new line of jewelry I have decided to give one necklace away to one of my readers!  In honor of Mother’s Day I will be giving away my three bead necklace in green (my favorite color)!

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  1. To be honest I couldn’t figure out how to get to any other jewelry items, but I do like the earrings.

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