Drip, Drizzle, Splatter. . . Splash

Altered Mixed Mdia

Altered Mixed Mdia

I wanted to make something new for my NEW house.  Since the move my husband has been using our garage as his storage shed for parts.  Woo hoo that means I get all these leftover pallets to create with.  Unfortunately, I barely have anytime to keep the house clean much less time to create.

I try to make my husband something special every Christmas.  Last Christmas I was obsessed with all these pallets lying around my house and decided I would create something for him.  I gave several of these pallets to my grandfather to build me a studio desk.

With the leftover pieces of pallet I began my new construction.  I placed the blocks in random order onto a picnic table, and began painting (I did not paint the blocks before I began). This was a way for me to immerse myself into my work.  Drip, drizzle, splatter, splash as I worked with red, yellow, and brown to create this piece.  I even let my children help.  We used found air condition parts to make stamps with, and even left some to dry in the paint.

Once the paint dried I thought it needed something more . . . so I began to use different types of stain to add a finished touch to the wood. In some areas I even stained over the painted areas.  Some blocks I wiped off, and others I just left the stain to dry in clumps.

This is one of my best pieces I have created in a long time.  I would love to create more, but it is hard to find time to create.



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