18″ Doll Dress

18" Doll Clothes

18" Doll Clothes

I bought my seven year old a sewing machine for her birthday. I went with a full size Brother Project Runway Limited Edition LS2300PRW.  Basically it has more features than my dinosaur Singer.  I wanted a mini, but this full size sewing machine was on sale for $20.  I created this simple pillow case dress pattern for Ruthie. My plan was for my daughter to make this dress, but my expectations were too high.  I thought it would be easy for my daughter to sew straight lines, but I was mistaken.  Instead together we made Ruthie’s first dress.  The Project Runway Limited Edition has a DVD that came with it that makes sewing ruffles so easy.  It only took a few minutes to complete Ruthie’s dress.  I sewed the strapes in place so I wouldn’t have to  restring them every time my daughter dressed Ruthie. The photo was taken with my favorite Retro Camera application the Little Orange Box.


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