Princess Galore

I’ve been working on some really cute personalized children’s bracelets, but I don’t have a high quality digital camera so I could post the picture, but it really does not do it justice. 

Okay I’ll let you see it although it may be a bit blurred, but at least the colors are accurate.  The letters are printed around the entire block and are appropriate for elementary age girls and toddlers.  I’ve even made some baby ones for my expectant cousins.  Everyone has totally adored their Princess Bracelets including my niece and daughter.  They are personalized with their names and the beads are chosen based on their favorite colors.  The clasps come in either gold or silver depending on which you prefer.

Now on to the good part………………..I will be offering one lucky person a Princess Bracelet of their own to give to their special little girl whether it is a daughter, niece, granddaughter etc… If you would like to win one of these darling personalized name bracelets, just leave me a comment. Please no I want to win stuff, but instead comment about my portfolio on flicker or give helpful advice on how to get discovered. You MUST have a U.S. address to be eligible for this contest. Be sure to leave me an email to contact you if you win… make it easy on me.  Anonymous comments without an email will be deleted.

OPTIONAL: I would love for you to write your own post, inviting your friends to check out this site. Spread the word because everyone can benefit from this giveaway! Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this contest let me know and you will be entered for this contest twice.  For a third entry sign up for my RSS feed.  Deadline to enter is August 9th at 5:00 PM.  Winners will be notified via email as will be announced here on my blog. Winners have 72 hours to reply or will forfeit their prize to an alternate winner who will be drawn at random.

If you are  not the lucky winner and choose to purchase one of these beautiful bracelets they are only $10 plus shipping and handling.  Just leave me a comment.


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34 thoughts on “Princess Galore

  1. These look very pretty & I’d love one for my daughter. I can’t find you on flickr though, without a link or your username. How about putting a link on your sidebar? Also, do you sell on etsy?

  2. Your “Princess” bracelet is a wonderful idea. I would love to win it for my niece! There are sites that promote artists like you and I think that would get you some exposure. Please email if you want a few of those sites. Please enter me in your drawing. I wish you much luck with your creative endeavor. Thanks, Cindi

  3. Great idea and such a great product! I would suggest doing some market research especially in the internet. Than after you figure out what people are searching for in such a unique and niche item like this. Than you should do some SEO work on your site. There are tons of different ways to spread the work out about your site and product. I think your off to a great start by entering this bloggy giveaway. If your interested to learn more just hit me up sometime.



  4. As others have said do etsy, as well as the other similar sites whose names escape me right now. :) Comment on the blogs of others, and all the other things people do to drive traffic to your site. It’s really all about the traffic when selling online; whether you are talking about selling something or blogging for money. Get into a circle of people who appreciate your lovely work. Maybe contact some publishing companies – are you interested in doing illustrations for books?
    Thanks for the op to win! Your work really is nice.
    cokelush at gmail dot com

  5. I so love the personalized bracelets! I think getting “discovered”, “well known” etc. is a tricky thing, but I do believe that you are going about it the right way!!

    Having a contest is a great way to get new traffic to your site!

  6. Your drawings are beautiful! I’m not an expert (can’t draw!) but I love how you include the tiniest details on the child’s face. It’s how I’d want a portrait of my daughter to be done if we could afford one right now! About the bracelets, I think offering a giveaway is the perfect start. I would, however, get a friend with an expensive camera to snap some close-ups of the bracelets. We have a similar camera and I have to try so hard to get a decent up-close shot! There is one other thing but I’ll post it on your other giveaway…

    the_other_alice_ (at)

  7. I LOVE that you will do the jewelry in gold or silver! So many people only do silver, and that frustrates me because I never wear it.

    I’m going to give advice on both your giveaways, so it will be a duplicate to you, lol.

    One of the quickest ways to get discovered is to do free work for several bloggers and offer giveaways on their blogs. You could also put up pictures and write an informative drawing post on a Hub.

  8. The best way to get out and get heard is to just visit anyone and everyone’s blog! The giveaways are also a fab idea. I’m not really a business person so I can’t say that I have any more advice. But I love your stuff!

  9. Your bracelets are darling. I agree with the others and try Etsy! If you ever want to do a giveaway on my blog, that is always welcome, too! Lots of moms read it.

  10. The photo I see reminds me of about ten boxes of photos I have to go through that were in a house of the people, both died last year, of whose estate I am handling. I love looking through pictures. This one is great.
    I have two granddaughters. If I win this bracelet, I’m hoping I can have you put the name of my granddaughter instead of the one that is pictured. Then I’d like to also order one and have my other granddaughter’s name on it.
    I usually don’t travel outside the book blogs, mostly because it takes up lots of time just to be there. I don’t have any idea how to do a blog page or I’d add your ad there to help out. Thanks for entering me.

  11. Your drawings are so lovely! My dad is an artist/illustrator so I have always had an open eye for good art. Thanks for the great contest!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Wow! Your sketches are GORGEOUS!!! You are a very talented lady! As for the bracelet… I have 2 little ladies that would love for me to win that! And one of them has a birthday is coming up soon.

    The bracelets look beautiful, but I agree that the pic is a bit fuzzy. Jewelry is so hard to photograph (that’s why I stopped making it!) but I found that diffused light really helped… a lamp with a white sheet draped between it & your photo table really helps, or photograph under a skylight so that natural light comes in, but is not direct.

    As for getting noticed… giveaways like this are a great way to get exposure! Have a mailing list & send out a newsletter every 2 weeks – just a little something. Blog at least 3 times per week (I’m really bad at this one!). Home parties are great for local sales, but take a lot of time & set up.

    Good luck!

  13. How to be discovered… Well I am struggling with the same thing… right now my brothers are helping me create a website… once I have that 100% done I will be emailing all my friends, family, church families, coworkers and asking them to share the site with their friends, family, church families and coworkers…I will wait a few months and see what traffic that brings in… then I will look into advetising my site. You could do craft fairs, craft stores, neighborhood flyers… it really just depends how much you want to invest in it and how big you want to get. Good tip… I get free business cards made at all you have to pay for is shipping…
    Hope this helps you… good luck…
    Elizabeth (this is my current site but working on a much nicer one)

  14. A good place to get some business and get the word out is to become a member of Amity Mama, post a little and get to know everyone, then post a for sale thread or talk about your business. You would not believe how quickly word of mouth works over there and they can also give you great advice for your business. :)

    I hope that helps.

  15. That is really cute. I highly suggest Etsy as I have found some absolutely wonderful handcrafted items there. This would fit in perfectly. Definitely make sure your photos are well-lit and show good detail because that makes a huge difference in making a sale.

  16. I would love one of these bracelets for my granddaughter. She is starting kindergarten and it will be scary that first day, and if she had a bracelet to twirl around her wrist it would make her feel so much better. I hope I win as you do beautiful work.

  17. I love personalized bracelets, they are quite endearing. You look like you belong in an Etsy shoppe! Can’t wait to see your showcase. Best wishes to you.

  18. Your bracelets are too cute. My nieces would love these little gems!! I love advertice in your local ads and on children sites.

  19. the bracelets are lovely. As to getting the word out, particpate in contests on other blogs. Either have one you sponsor or if they are having a large contest you offer a prize to be included

  20. I think you are on the right track with the giveaways and blogs. I have a friend who makes her own earrings and swears by etsy. Your sketches are absolutely beautiful. Maybe you could also find people who have blog sites that give away things. That would give you more exposure.

  21. I would love to win one for my daughter, Nova (no, she wasn’t named after my husband’s car.) She is 12, but she very little. Thanks for the contest!!

  22. To be discovered is hard. Keep plugging away and make your site stand out by making your site user friendly. I have been to many sites and if I am frustrated in trying to navigate on the site I will rarely go back. Unique color and fonts will help your site be memorable even for those who come here occassionally

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